Southwinds, Inc. is a nonprofit human service organization that provides quality residential supports and life-skills training to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities throughout Allegheny County.

At the heart of Southwinds’ mission is the belief that persons with developmental challenges deserve the same opportunities to lead independent lives as every other citizen. This includes such simple rights as a safe and comfortable home surrounded by people who care about them; transportation to and from work, personal appointments and recreational activities in their community; and the opportunity to make daily life choices with appropriate support.

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Our Mission

Southwinds’ mission is to provide life-long homes in the community for adults with disabilities, while enhancing their quality of life and offering opportunities for specialized programs and social involvement. Our focus continues to be breaking down the isolation and segregation often experienced by people with developmental challenges, by providing them with extensive services that promote their independence, dignity and equality.

Our Vision

Southwinds recognizes that the quality of our services may only be defined by the individuals and families we support, so we strive to design our services and supports in response to each individuals’ ever changing needs, in order to help them realize their personal goals. Central to our vision is services that always maximize the choice, control, stability, safety and freedom in all aspects of each person’s life.

Southwinds also believes that every individual should be full citizens of the communities in which they live, and that they should use the resources in those communities to the fullest extent possible. The individuals whom we serve achieve these tenants of our vision every day, to the credit of their own tenacity and the seamless system of supports they receive from Southwinds.

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