Southwinds Residence

Long-term Residential Support Services

Southwinds is proud to provide long-term residential supports, and no individuals are excluded from receiving services solely on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, ancestry, national origin or disability. Individuals must have a primary diagnosis of developmental disability. There is no predetermined length of residence; rather, admission and continued residency are determined by the appropriateness of the placement based on the individual’s unique needs.

Southwinds continuously anticipates the need to modify our services as individuals’ needs change, and continuously assures that individuals are able to maintain and exercise control over their own lives.

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Communication & Family Support Services

Individuals are encouraged to develop and/or maintain relationships with family members and friends as they desire. Southwinds provides assistance in communication with family members and friends such as planning visits, helping with written correspondence, or making telephone calls.

Family members and friends are always encouraged to visit the individual in his or her home while remaining respectful of the other individuals who live there.

Southwinds Supports
Recreational Support

Professional, Work & Recreational Support Services

If appropriate, Southwinds provides or coordinates professional services for individuals such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavioral supports, socio-sexuality counseling, and psychiatric supports.

For individuals who choose to engage in work or day program activities, Southwinds respects personal preferences and individual characteristics and works with other service providers to increase individuals’ work options. Individuals who choose to retire or not engage in work programs are presented with options such as volunteer experiences or structured group or individuals recreational pursuits.

Admissions Information

Southwinds does not maintain a waiting list and may only accept referrals from the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. However, individuals and their families are encouraged to contact in order to learn more about Southwinds’ services, admission requirements or to arrange a tour of one of our homes.