Our 1st Wheelchair Accessible Van

Today adults with developmental disabilities are living longer and are facing the same challenges as people age; therefore this van becomes a critical part of our long term goal to be able to provide the best overall life experience to those adults that we serve. Southwinds, Inc. is their home but as an organization, is providing them a voice, a platform to get their message out into the world that their life, their future depends on the giving power of people in the community that believe in the extraordinary ability that exceptional individuals can achieve. Help us to continue to break down the barriers and eliminate the isolation once faced by adults with developmental challenges because each of their lives is a constant reminder that no matter the disability, everyone deserves to live a happy and normal life.

In May of this year, because of the generosity of an anonymous donor and other supporters we were able to purchase our first wheelchair accessible van. This van has opened up the world of possibilities to several of the wheelchair bound individuals that we serve such as David. When he first saw the van his face said it all, a renewed expression of hope that the feelings of isolation have disappeared because he can once again enjoy what life has to offer him, such as going to the movies and attending a party without barriers.