Trained staff are assigned to Southwinds’ homes 24 hours a day to provide all necessary support to the individuals who live there. This may include assistance with self care and personal hygiene, assistance with all activities of daily living including meal preparation, grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry skills, recreation and leisure time activities, etc. Staff also provide modeling and coaching in appropriate social skills, communication, use of community resources and personal safety. Staff accompany individuals on personal and medical appointments and monitor individual health care needs. For some individuals, staff provide intensive training in money management skills and community mobility and use of public transportation.

If appropriate, Southwinds staff will coordinate professional services for individuals such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavioral supports, sexuality education or counseling, and psychiatric supports.

Individuals have the opportunity to choose and make decisions about their work lives. Southwinds respects personal preferences and individual characteristics for persons who choose to work. Options for work may be increased through the provision of special staff support services, assistive technology or environmental adaptations. Individuals who choose not to work are presented with options such as work training, volunteer efforts, or structured retirement or leisure activities.
Family involvement

Staff encourage individuals to develop and/or maintain relationships with their family members and other significant persons unless the individual specifically requests otherwise. Southwinds staff provide assistance in establishing communication with and connection to family members. Assistance such as planning visits or helping with written communications or telephone calls is provided. Family members are encouraged to visit the individual in his/her home while remaining mindful of the privacy of the other individuals who reside there.