Wish List


Every home has a “wish list” that will enhance the quality of life for its residences. Our homes are not any different. Below is a list of items that are on the wish lists of our homes and their residents. Remember that these items will help to improve the lives of our individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. If you, your company or someone you know would like to donate any of the items listed, use the form below or contact our office at 412.446.1080

  • Battery operated lift
  • (3) heavy duty wash machines
  • Multipurpose blender(s)
  • Overbed tables on four wheels
  • Foam foot blocks
  • Shower chair
  • Skids for evacuation
  • Screen door(s)
  • Laundry room floor
  • Flat screen television(s)
  • Inventory software


Pledge a donation:

If you are interested in making a wish list donation, please use the form below.  Your contact information is needed for our staff, but you may choose to leave your donation anonymously by checking the box below:

Please describe the item you would like to donate.