Southwinds’ volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of private citizens who have an interest in residential services for adults with developmental disabilities. Southwinds welcomes candidates to volunteer their time as members on the Board or participants one of our various board advisory committees, where they can share their knowledge and expertise in areas such as program monitoring, financial management and investment, human resources, law, fundraising and other professional areas.

Southwinds particularly welcomes family members of persons with disabilities to join the Board of Directors or advisory committees, as we value their unique perspectives on service provision, as well as their personal experiences with and dedication to the population we support.

Southwinds’ Board of Directors

Andrew DeSilva, Chair

Randy Belansky, Vice-Chair

Erin Flynn, Treasurer

Laura Dedi

William Hickman

David Kerney

Michael Lamb, Esq.

James Malady

Christine McMillan

Dina Miller

Jeffrey Mock

Colin Morgan, Esq.

Stephanie Wright

Southwinds, Inc.