Our Mission


Southwinds’ mission is to provide residences for developmentally challenged persons in the community, while enhancing their quality of life and offering opportunities for specialized programs, social involvement, and independence. Our focus continues to be breaking down the isolation and segregation experienced by the developmentally challenged, by providing them with extensive services that promote their independence, dignity and equality.

We Enhance Quality of Life

  • Southwinds’ residents live very normal lives.
  • They reside in our 13 beautifully maintained homes.
  • Each individual has their own bedroom and space to keep their belongings.
  • They live with between one and four roommates, providing a strong sense of companionship and family.

Specialized Programs and Independence

  • Each client has an individualized goal for personalized growth.  These goals are often met and exceeded at Southwinds, to the credit of our determined individuals and the staff who work hard to help them reach these goals.
  • Some of our individuals go to day programs; others hold jobs in the community, such as restaurants, schools, and other places of business. Some of our seniors attend activities at the local senior centers.  They earn wages, and they are able to spend their earnings however they like.
  • Southwinds residents help with daily household chores including doing the laundry, keeping the house clean, and taking out the garbage.
  • Some of our individuals are on “home alone goals” where they can be left at home unsupervised for a few hours at a time.  Also, one indivdual takes public transportation to and from work everyday.

Social Involvement

  • Our homes are mixed into the neighborhoods of the South Hills.  Individuals interact daily with neighbors and friends in the community.  They participate in activities that enrich the community, such as the Annual Rotary Pancake Breakfast or the Barbecue Dinner.  They also participate in the PEP (People Enjoying People) Program.
  • Southwinds residents are often traveling or attending special events.  It is not unusual for clients to go to a baseball game, to a hockey game, to an amusement park, or on a cruise!