A Special Veterans Day Tribute


Meig has lived at the Prescot house since he came to Southwinds in 2010. This Veterans Day, accompanied by his three housemates, Jim, David and Michael, his brother Roger and Southwinds’ staff members Sue, Cheri and Patty, Meig paid a special tribute to veterans by placing flags around his neighborhood. Neighbors greeted the group as they paraded down the street in a patriotic precession to help properly observe the Federal Holiday.


Veterans Day holds a special meaning for Meig and his brother Roger. Their father served in the United States Army in World War II and Meig’s nephew, Roger’s son Russell, was a sergeant in the airborne infantry and was killed in Iraq. Placing flags in the yards of their neighbors served as an important reminder of the sacrifices made for our freedom.

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Roger is glad that Meig has a place like Southwinds to call home. Meig came to Southwinds after living with Roger and his wife for a year. Prior to that he had been living with the brothers’ aging parents who have since passed away. “I just enjoy seeing him happy and enjoying his life,” says Roger. “His last few years at home with our parents were stressful and it showed. He’s just so happy here and I just wish that my parents could see him and how well he’s doing here.”